Knauf Knauf

Knauf plasterboard − import substitute No.1 in Latvia!

Knauf plasterboard − import substitute No.1 in Latvia!

We are proud to announce winning the category of “Import Substitute Product” in the "Export and Innovation Awards 2016" with our plasterboard!

The annual competition is organized by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) and the Ministry of Economics of Latvia.

This year there were 117 Latvian companies competing .

SIA Knauf, with its product group "Plasterboard", won in the category “Import Substitute Product", outrivaling 19 other companies from various business fields.

Knauf plasterboard is a high quality, ecological and sustainable building material, manufactured from locally sourced natural gypsum. Since the opening of Knauf gypsum factory, significant investments have been made towards plasterboard research and development, raising production efficiency, and product quality.

We are grateful to all our employees for their work and efforts, and thank our customers and partners for their loyalty and trust!

We will continue to dedicate our work to the creation of the highest quality building materials!